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Volunteer Requirements

Our organization is completely volunteer run. All families are required to donate a minimum of 8 hours (4 shifts) per player (capped off at 16 per immediate family). 

We ask that families commit to their volunteer shifts before Jamboree. Players may be benched if a family refuses to commit to shifts. 

PLEASE plan ahead for your volunteer shift. When volunteers don't show up, it creates extra work for everyone around. You will be required to reschedule missed hours, and your player may be benched the hours aren't scheduled in a timely manner. A fee of $25 per hour is assessed at the end of the season for hours that have not been completed. 

All volunteers must be 18 or over, with the exception of snack bar youth runners, who can be 12 and over. 

Volunteer Jobs Available:

Coaching - Applications open now for 2019!

Team Manager - selected by head coach and VP of Volunteers. Organizes each separate level/squad. Sends email reminders for games, snacks (depending on team), game locations. Main source of communication for the individual team.

Snack Bar - 2 hour shifts. Selling at the window, making nachos, wrapping food. 

BBQ - Barbecues hot dogs and hamburgers.

Front Gate - stands at the front gate, checking to make sure all entrants have either a wristband OR a 2019 SYF Badge. 

Wristband Sales - sells wristbands out of the ticket booth. 

Spiritwear Sales - assists the Spirit Wear Coordinator with sales during the game day.

Chain Gang - works with the game officials on the field to move the chains or down marker. 

Practice Location

We practice at Toby Johnson Middle School, at 10099 Franklin High Dr., Elk Grove, CA 95757. 

What to Wear and Bring


  • For the first week, wear either your spirit pack or a white t-shirt and dark shorts, and cleats. Make sure your last name is on the back of your tshirt!
  • After the first week, always have your helmet and pads.
  • Always have your cleats.
  • Always bring a big jug of water! One small bottle is never enough and it takes time to refill at the water fountain.


  • Purple/black/gray/white tshirt and shorts (no spaghetti straps)
  • Tennis shoes (no heelies, heavy soled shoes or slip ons)
  • Hair pulled in a tight pony tail. NO fly away hair. No bobby pins.
  • Water
  • IPOD, Cell phones to be kept in cheer bag
  • What NOT to Wear or Bring:
    • Jewelry (of any kind)
    • FOOD, Gum, candy