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FJW welcomes anyone ages 6-14 to join our Football & Cheer programs. Payment plans are also available. 

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Franklin Cheer Sweeps The 2023 JAMZ Nationals in Las Vegas, NV

2023 8U JAMZ National & Level Champions

2023 JAMZ 8U National Champions

2023 10U JAMZ National Champions

2023 15U JAMZ National Champions

We Are Wildcats

Established in 2007, Franklin Jr. Wildcats Football and Cheer exists to promote the emotional, mental, academic, and physical development of our youth participants. The purpose of FJW is to offer the opportunity to participate in community supported football and cheer programs that stress the intrinsic value of every individual. FJW's goal is to promote personal achievement and improvement through discipline and the spirit of competition. The youth participants are coached in a positive environment, which build character, teamwork, the challenge of competition, and personal responsibility. The Franklin Jr. Wildcats are dedicated to organizing the finest program possible to enable our youth to have the best possible experience. 


Keeping Your Child Healthy During Cold Season

Every mom and dad knows as the days get shorter, and the wind gets colder, out comes the cold medicine.  During this time, it is vital that your cheerleader stays well and healthy. Unlike other sports where you can substitute players in for others, cheering for competition incorporates all members "on deck." The more your child misses out on practicing chemistry with the squad, the less likely their performance will appear "polished"

Read more on 7 tips to keep your child healthy...


Bring Water to Practice!!!







Youth Sports Hydration Guidelines




Feeding Your Child Athlete

All kids need to eat balanced meals and have a healthy diet. But should that balance change for kids who play on a sports team or work out?

Kids need to eat the right amount and mix of foods to support that higher level of activity...

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