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Franklin Jr. Wildcats




Franklin Jr. Wildcats Football and Cheer exists to promote the emotional, mental, academic, and physical development of our youth participants. The purpose of FJW is to offer the opportunity to participate in community supported football and cheer programs that stress the intrinsic value of every individual. FJW's goal is to promote personal achievement and improvement through discipline and the spirit of competition. The youth participants are coached in a positive environment, which build character, teamwork, the challenge of competition, and personal responsibility. The Franklin Jr. Wildcats are dedicated to organizing the finest program possible to enable our youth to have the best possible experience. 


    Guardian Helmet Covers

    Attention Franklin Junior Wildcat Football parents. You may purchase a guardian cap for your child to wear for added protection. This equipment is optional. If you do however plan on purchasing one, please purchase BLACK.

    Keeping Your Child Healthy During Cold Season

    Every mom and dad knows as the days get shorter, and the wind gets colder, out comes the cold medicine.  During this time, it is vital that your cheerleader stays well and healthy. Unlike other sports where you can substitute players in for others, cheering for competition incorporates all members "on deck." The more your child misses out on practicing chemistry with the squad, the less likely their performance will appear "polished"

    Read more on 7 tips to keep your child healthy...


    Bring Water to Practice!!!







    Youth Sports Hydration Guidelines





    Feeding Your Child Athlete

    All kids need to eat balanced meals and have a healthy diet. But should that balance change for kids who play on a sports team or work out?

    Kids need to eat the right amount and mix of foods to support that higher level of activity...

    Link to article here:


    Toby Johnson Field Usage is a Privelage!!! Field Usage Rules...

    We are granted use of the Toby Johnson Middle School fields by EGUSD, but we must make sure we abide by their rules. Please observe the following EGUSD requirements. Failure to keep Toby Johnson MS tidy and picked up jeopardizes our facility use.

    • Sunflower seeds and/or nuts with a shell are not allowed out at practice. 

    • Parking-  Parking on the street (Franklin High Road) is prohibited, and violators will be ticketed. Please use either the Toby Johnson Parking lots or the Library parking lot. In addition, there is no parking in the fire lane. When dropping off or picking up your child, you may use the right side of the round-about as long as you remain in the car at all times, and NEVER block the fire lane directly in front of the gate or the crosswalk, this area will be marked by red cones. The left side of the roundabout is to always stay clear for through traffic. Absolutely no parking on the blacktop!

    • Garbage-  All trash must be picked up after all practices and games. Each squad will be responsible for removing garbage in their practice area. We ask that everyone please pitch in.

    • Guests-  Parents are welcome to attend all practices. Siblings and friends are also welcome provided they are not disruptive and are being supervised by a parent. Parents may not leave siblings and/or friends unattended at games, practices or other FJW events. All football & cheer parents must sit on the blacktop or in the specific area designated by the coach while watching their child. If your child brings a scooter to ride on the blacktop during practice please let them know that racing on the blacktop is not allowed. Children should not climb on fences, soccer goals, or walls!

    • Pets-  Because we participate at an Elk Grove Unified School District field, pets are not allowed to attend any FJW practice, game or function. This is a school district policy. The only exception is for certified service animals.

    COHS Field Usage Rules

    COHS/EGUSD Rules- We must do our part to keep COHS in great shape! Here are some rules the school district requires us to follow:

    • Field: We will be playing on artificial playing turf, therefore NO sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sodas, sports drinks, gum or chewing tobacco of any kind on the playing surface.  Only water is permitted on the field. Water will be provided on both sides of the field by FJW.

    • Track:  Football cleats are not permitted on the track in the stadium.  Players wearing cleats are to enter from the designated area at the southern end of the stadium.

    • Stands: Cosumnes Oaks High School continues to be a Smoke and Chewing Tobacco Free Environment.  A smoking area in the parking lot is available, away from the players and the field. No alcohol or tailgating is allowed. PLEASE clean up your trash when you leave the stands. Pop up shade structures are allowed at the top of the stands, but do not block the viewing area in front of the announcer’s booth. Parents are required to watch the game from the stands or behind the fence. Only badged board members and coaches are allowed onto the track or field.

    • NO PETS (Service Animals OK), SKATEBOARDS, BICYCLES, or SCOOTERS are allowed in the stadium.